G.R.M.B. 2021

G r a v e l

R o a d

M o u n t a i n

B i k e s B * * r B b q B o u r b o n B o d a c i o u s !

On August 28th Velonorth is combining some of our favourite things: Gravel riding, Mountain biking and some other stuff that starts with the letter “B” to bring you the inaugural GRMB – Gravel & Road & Mountain Bike Relay/Event/Happening*.

*Mostly though, because it makes a great acrostic that just rolls off the tongue.

Starting and Finishing at the Magnusson trails parking lot on Grey Mountain, this event for solo riders or teams of 2, will put your full array of bicycle piloting skills to the test.

The Leg 1: The Gravel Appetizer (we like to call it the… grappetizer) will be a 28km amuse-bouche of double track, proper gravel and some mild singletrack. Riders will take on the Yellow Brick Rd. climb followed by a short, fast descent on Grey Mountain Road to Rollercoaster. Yes. Rollercoaster. Probably the gnarliest sector of “gravel”, Rollercoaster will lead you to Peewee Hill. From there, we’ll connect you to Chadburn Lake Rd. for some honest gravel action before returning up Grey Mountain Rd. to the exchange.


The Leg 2: Mountain Main Course (mmmm) will take in some classic and perhaps long-forgotten Grey Mountain Originals (this is a GMO course) including B&S, Mad to the Max, Lakes Trail and others before returning to the finish.


Velonorth will have the BBQ going full steam at the finish. Bring your own beverage of choice, seating, plate and utensils for post-pedaling victuals.

– SOLO: You ride the whole enchilada
– 2 Person Team: Relay-style action

Find a friend. Or make friends with yourself and sign up.

FREE for Velonorth members
$25 non-members

Art by Monika

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