And the winners are…

You’se Velonortherners is a hardy bunch. We tried to steal your money, then crush you with leg-breaking climbs, white-knuckle descents and teeth-chattering chipseal (That Scout Lake loop was hella pot-holey and rough! Waaay worse than I remember it from back in the olden days). It didn’t work. You survived. Hell, you thrived, and you posted some sweet pics to your Strava feeds in the process. Check our photos page for some of ’em.

A huge thanks to our 40 (40!) new members and all of you who got out for a ride as part of the Covid Can’t Stop Bikes: KCIBR Replacement Ride Velonorth Membership Drive Longest Name Ever Non-event Event.

The results are in on who gets to take home the swag donated by our sponsors Icycle Sports, Winterlong Brewing and Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters.

The goods

Bikes Beans and Beer – Geof Harries, for his shameless promotion of our generous sponsors (and blazing a new gravel route up Jubilee Mountain near Tagish. Can you say 17km and 700+m of climbing?!) takes home some goodies from all three of them.

Sweet Steed – Fraser Judd will be keeping his steed sweet with a Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System courtesy of Icycle Sports.

Early Bird – Paul Moore will be enjoying his morning brew in a couple of Midnight Sun Coffee mugs (coffee included).

Night Owl – Shea Hoffman will be rocking a new Winterlong Brewing cap for his late evening jaunt through Miles Canyon.

Most Monstrous – Pete & Reid Sandiford and Nicolas Giangrande are going to share a $100 gift card from Icycle Sports for their efforts to not litter and ride some of the gnarlier segments. And they’re 11 years old. Well, except Pete, he’s old. Well done gents!

Flaccid Flanneur (although no flats were reported, the judges have spoken) – Jennifer Mackeigan will be treating her ride to a pair of new Bontrager AW2 Tubeless Ready road tires. These tires are anything but flaccid.

Stuart Hamilton will be speedily repairing flats with a new CO2 Inflator & cartridge kit courtesy of Icycle Sports.

Monica Gibson, please savour some fresh Midnight Sun beans in your new favourite mug.

Rod Savoie – just say “NO!” to sunburns with a new Winterlong SPF cap.

Bikes look good on you Grey Mountain. Photo: Fraser Judd

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