COVID Can’t Stop Bikes

Yes, we’ll all be missing 240km of fun, cold beer at the salmon BBQ, Mountain Market sandwiches and a stunning morning view of the Haines Harbour on June 20th. But, that doesn’t mean the third weekend in June has to be a bust for biking. 

Join Velonorth for the first (and hopefully not annual) Covid Can’t Stop Bikes: KCIBR replacement ride. Our mission is to get you riding some new, fun and unique routes and having fun doing it. 

What is it?

CCSB is a Velonorth Membership Drive*. Purchase a Velonorth Membership and then undertake the weekend-long challenge to ride as many new and classic roads around Whitehorse as possible. There will be pavement, gravel, short, long and grueling sectors. 

This is a  self-supported, non-timed, non-sanctioned, non-event. You start when and where you want. You finish when and where you want. You ride as many of the segments as you want. You keep track of your own times on the segments. Or not. 

You split the challenge up into 2 or 3 separate rides, picking off one or two segments per ride. Or you log one monster ride that takes in all the segments. 

Share your ride with us on Strava, on our blog, or via email and you’ll be eligible to win prizes from our sponsors: Icycle Sports, Winterlong Brewing and Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters.

4 easy steps:

  1. purchase a club membership
  2. ride
  3. post or share your ride with us (Strava, Velonorth Blog, email)
  4. win cool stuff

When is it happening?

Purchase your membership now. Ride anytime between Friday June 19th – 12:00 MIDNIGHT Sunday June 21st


As far as you want to go. Seriously. The shortest segment is 3.3km. You should ride farther than that.

Where do I ride?

Wherever you want. But we have some of our favourites and strongly encourage you to check them out.


This is not a race. This is an adventure to take in some new roads and challenge yourself to ride long or climb high. Please DO ride as fast as you want, but speed and time do not matter. Better to play safe and have fun. Right Hal and Joanne? And if you want to smash a Strava KOM along the way, well, we won’t stand in your way.


There is no support. You’re on your own Johnny. Participants need to be fully self-supported. Carry what you will eat and drink, what you might need to fix your bike, your phone, and an extra $5 for a gas station coke and snickers.


Ride solo or in pairs. We recommend adhering to the advice of the Yukon Chief Medical Officer of Health, and, given the CMOH recommendations at the time of writing, we discourage groups of 3 or more and riding in pace lines; physical distancing is still THE thing to do. If you’re riding with someone from outside your “bubble”, give each other some space; 2 metres of it to be precise.


From our sponsors Icycle Sports, Winterlong Brewing and Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters, we are pleased to offer all those who purchase their club membership and log a ride with us, a chance to win in one of the following categories.

Bikes, Beans, and Beer

Send us a photo incorporating one or more of our three VN sponsors into your ride:  Wear an Icycle Sports jersey, put a Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters sticker on your bike, enjoy a Winterlong Brewing Co. product to celebrate a fun ride, draw a sponsor logo with your Strava route… the possibilities are endless!

Sweet Steed

Submit a photo of your vintage, monstrous, ill-suited or generally rad ride that you slayed at least one of our favourite segments with.

Prize Sponsored by: Icycle Sports

Most Monstrous

You had a monster day in the saddle, hitting as many of our favourite ride segments and piling on as many KMs and metres of climbing as you could fit in before your mom called you in for dinner. We want to hear about your epic day on the bike. Post your ride to Strava or email us photos of the crazy s**t you did or saw along the way, and tell us a bit about it.

Prize Sponsored by: Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters

A Worm is no Incentive

First person to log a segment each day. Post your ride to Strava or email us a photo of the time on your watch as you head out the door in the wee hours when the world (except for those robins) is sleeping.

Prize Sponsored by: Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters

Night Owl

The longest day of the year, for the late night crowd, this award will recognize the rider(s) who embark on the latest night adventure. Show us that photo of the midnight sun glinting off your wheel reflectors.

Prize Sponsored by: Winterlong Brewing

Flaccid Flanneur 

You punctured 4 times on the crazy amazing descent of Vista View and now you’re crying because you have no more tubes left? You’ll probably have a good shot at this prize. But don’t worry, you brought a patch kit, right? After you call your mom for a ride, post your creatively-titled ride to Strava, comment on this blog entry or email us a photo of your torn sidewall and let us know the horrific number of flats you got. 

Prize sponsored by: Icycle Sports

*The CCSB Velonorth Membership Drive isn’t affiliated with, or sanctioned by Cycling Association of Yukon.

3 thoughts on “COVID Can’t Stop Bikes

  1. Hey I’m excited to see that there is another bike race happening- the gravel growler. Do you have more details that you can share?


    1. Hi Lorrie,

      Our team at Velonorth Global Headquarters are working furiously at preparations for the 2020 version of the Gravel Growler. We will have details about registration coming out in the next week. Watch this space! Send us a note and we’ll make sure you’re on the email list so you get first crack at registration. Spaces are limited and we’re pretty confident that we’ll sell out.

      Velonorth Syndicate


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