And the winners are…

You’se Velonortherners is a hardy bunch. We tried to steal your money, then crush you with leg-breaking climbs, white-knuckle descents and teeth-chattering chipseal (That Scout Lake loop was hella pot-holey and rough! Waaay worse than I remember it from back in the olden days). It didn’t work. You survived. Hell, you thrived, and you postedContinue reading “And the winners are…”

COVID Can’t Stop Bikes

Yes, we’ll all be missing 240km of fun, cold beer at the salmon BBQ, Mountain Market sandwiches and a stunning morning view of the Haines Harbour on June 20th. But, that doesn’t mean the third weekend in June has to be a bust for biking.  Join Velonorth for the first (and hopefully not annual) CovidContinue reading “COVID Can’t Stop Bikes”