Any bike. Every body.

Friends. We’re back for 2023. We welcome you to come ride with us. Road bike. Gravel bike. Hybrid commuter bike. Pennyfarthing. Old 10-speed with the backwards, tilted up handlebars. If it has 2 wheels, 2 pedals and you like to ride it, you belong here. Buy your membership, and make your way, on these dates, with your bicycle, to the following events:

Velonorth AGM – March 13th
Opening Weekend @ Winterlong Brewing – April 29th
Cycling Film Fest (or just a bike movie) – Date TBD
Gritty C.O.G. – June 10th
GRMB Gravel/Mtn Relay – August 26th
YXY Cross – September 16th
Gravel Growler – September 30th*(to be confirmed)

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