Gettin’ Gritty

Solidarity, fellow gravelleurs and gravelistas!
Like crocuses underfoot and swans overhead, recent sightings of two-wheeled enthusiasts are a reassuring sign that we have officially emerged from the long, dark tunnel that was winter 2022. 

We see you (and your noble steed) out there!

But don’t feel you need to toil on the pavement and gravel in solitude any longer…. 

The Gritty C.O.G (Clash of Generations) 2022 is almost here!

Come and gather, ride, and rejoice with friends new and old. Connect with a network of local riders. Find a new training partner. Extend the bridge of friendship across the generational divide…. and ruthlessly try to rip their legs off!!

Or…you know… just come out for a fun ride, make some friends and chill in the beer garden. We’ll be stoked to see you either way (and your noble steed, of course).

The Details:

  • May 28
  • Winterlong Brewing Co (83 Mt. Sima Rd.)
    • 12 – 12:45 Rider Check-in
    • 1 pm start
  • Choose between 40 or 64 kms of gravel and dirt
  • 1000 m of elevation
  • Geezers (over 40s) vs The Delinquents (under 40s)
  • All participants who identify as a female receive their first pint free at Winterlong
  • Prizes for team with the fastest combined time, team with the most riders, and  team with the most female riders.
  • FREE for annual members (your membership is your ‘season pass’ to all Velonorth events)
  • $25 for non-members

Not able to ride that day? Riding but available to help-out in some small way? We could really use some volunteers to help w. various tasks (aid station staffing, set-up at Winterlong, rider check-in/check-out, course de-flagging, etc.. etc…)  If you can help, fire and email to Thanks for considering this. 

A few of last year’s winning team, the Over 40 “Geezers”, celebrate with the most sought after trophy in mixed-surface riding North of 60 in events that start/finish at a brewery.

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