“Opening Weekend” Saturday, April 30 at Winterlong Brewing

Yes!!! Gravel riding season is here! For the men’s and women’s pro peloton, spring’s “opening weekend” portends gritty one-day classic races on the cobbled hellingen of Belgium and Northern France.

Here in the ‘horse… spring means it’s time to stop two-planking around Mt Mac, dust off the metal steeds and start bashing out some miles on the gravel, pavement, and… AND….recalcitrant mounds of crusty snow that are stubbornly refusing to yield to the emerging warmth and lingering daylight?!?!

But don’t despair! Velonorth has got yer back. Here’s some suggestions to help pass the time while you wait for your favourite route to melt:

1.  Get your 2022 Velonorth membership! Head to http://www.velonorthyukon.ca, scroll down to “Memberships” and hit the “Sign me up” link. A few clicks (and a few bucks) later, and you’re officially one of us! Better yet, while they last EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP IN 2022 WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL MEMENTO compliments of Velonorth, Winterlong Brewing Co, and Icycle Sports. You’re gonna want one of these!

2.  Plan some new 2-wheeled adventures

While you’re at  http://www.velonorthyukon.ca, click on Our Favourite Rides (top of the homepage) and learn about some of the best  routes around Whitehorse. Gravel, asphalt, steeps, flats, descents… there’s something for everyone here. Choose a few and plan your route, or take on the V-10 and bang ’em all out on one ride!  You would join a small but noble cabal — we only know of three folks who have the V-10 on their palmares so far (we see you, Tony D!)

3. Join us for Velonorth’s “Opening Weekend” at Winterlong Brewing Co!

Saturday, April 30th, from 2-4 pm the Velonorth crew will be in the Tasting Room to sign you up for your membership* and tell you everything you need to know about our roster of events and group rides for 2022.  Even better… everyone who either signs up for a membership at Winterlong, or brings proof of already being a member (an email on your phone works) will enjoy discounted beer and food in the Tasting Room — compliments of our dear comrades at Winterlong Brewing Co. Come on out for a pint, grab your membership, connect with other local riders** and get PUMPED for the upcoming riding season.

*If you prefer, you can definitely buy your membership online ahead of time and just show-up for a discounted pint!

**COVID sucks and nobody wants to get sick when the snow FINALLY melts, so please bring a mask (optional but appreciated)

SOLIDARITY, y’all. The snow has to melt eventually, right?… RIGHT?!?!

Velonorth Global Headquarters

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