Gritty C.O.G.

It’s time.

It’s time to sort the geezers from the delinquents…
Then put them all on bicycles. 
It’s time to separate the avocado-toast munchers from the sensible oatmeal spooners…
Then force them through the crucible of  the Gravel Growler.
It’s time to sift the carbon-slayin’ studs with the eye-poppin’ FTP’s from the grizzled geriatrics riding gravel long before there was such a thing as a “gravel bike”….
And run them through a gauntlet of gravel, dirt, lung-searing climbs and daring descents. 
It’s time to distinguish the dishes-skipping smart phone-lovin’ debutantes from the MAMILS  (Middle-Aged-Moms-in-Lycra)….
And subject them to a completely arbitrary sporting competition of the human-powered variety.
It’s time to put the dark, soul-sucking, snowmageddon vortex of Winter 2021 behind us and get on our bikes!
It’s time for us to connect as a cycling community and drink cold pints at Winterlong.
It’s time…. for the Gritty C.O.G.

May 29
Winterlong Brewing Co.
83 Mt. Sima Rd.
1 pm start
64 kms of gravel and dirt
1000 m of elevation

Geezers (over 40s) vs The Delinquents (under 40s)

Prizes for fastest combined time, team with the most riders, and team with the most female riders as well as other random feats of human and athletic excellence.

$0 Velonorth/CAY members
$25 non-members

ROUTE MAP – download .gpx or .kml file
Make no mistake; this is a challenging course. The first riders should complete the course in about 2.5 hrs. Conditions through the ski trails and singletrack at Mt. Mac will be variable (wet, possibly snow-covered). Be prepared with enough food, water and tools to be self-sufficient for up to 5 hours. Ride with a cell phone. There are no aid stations on course.

Important Note:
We recently learned that there is a celebration of life for Miriam Lukszova scheduled for the same day as our event (May 29).  Because we want to be respectful of the event for Miriam, we considered rescheduling. After talking with the organizers of the celebration for Miriam, we’ve decided to delay the start time of the Gritty C.O.G. to 1pm to allow for those taking part in that days celebration of Miriam’s life to also take part in the Gritty C.O.G. if they so wish.

One thought on “Gritty C.O.G.

  1. Oh, it’s ONNN! Bring it, you avocado toast crunchin’, craft beer swillin’, skinny jean wearin’ delinquents.


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