Gravel. Growler. Go.

All you grit gobblin’ gravel growlleurs may be wondering, in the midst of this global pandemic, ‘will the glorious stone jewel in the crown of Whitehorse bicycle riding be making an appearance in 2020‘?

The answer, dear gravelleurs, is, most emphatically, yes. But, you may ask, will there still be…
…a friendly vibe? Check.
…challenging mixed surface parcours (now including 0% AK Highway!)? Check.
…thirst-slaking & story-swapping post-ride in the Winterlong beer garden? Check.
…the “Real McKenzie” awards (formerly the Belgian Hard Man/Woman)? Check.

Git yer trusty iron steed outta’ the barn and prepare to saddle up September 19th for our annual veneration of dirt.

You may be unsure if you have the right bike to take on Copper Haul and Fish Lake Roads as well as some Mt. Mac single/doubletrack and the mythical Mordor. But allow us to reassure you; at some point during the ride, whatever bike you choose with be the right choice, and at another point, it will seem like a very, very wrong choice. It’s one of the things that make this ride so fun. We’ve seen road bikes, mountain bikes of all kinds, single speeds, gravel bikes, touring bikes, a folding bike, and fat bikes take on this course. This ain’t your average bike ride! We can’t wait to see whatchabring.

Head on over to our Event Page for all the details and Registration. There are only 30 slots up for grabs, so register A$AP to guarantee your spot.

Velonorth is grateful for the support of CMBC, Winterlong Brewing, Icycle Sports and Midnight Sun Coffee Roasting.

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